Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm making a goal to post at least once a week.

November 2010. For the lovely Aimee, she asked for a very specific block and sent pieces that were pretty much already pre-cut. All I had to do was assemble them. It felt very much like cheating.
Aimee's block

December 2010 Jan 2011. This was a 2 month block in order to give people time to do the blocks around the holidaze. I was done on January 1st. Bringing quilting into the new year, baybee!

Amylynnknits's block

February's block for NutellaNutterson officially hurt my brain. Random is hard for me to do... but random AND wonky? Yeah. But! After I finished it, I liked the end product enough to consider doing a small lap sized throw in the far future.

NutellaNutterson's Block

I haven't gotten the fabric in for March's block yet... I'm supposed to be next in line for AmysBabies, and the block is a TARDIS block! I can't wait :)

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