Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wild Hair

I actually made 2 of the 4 Dia de los Muertos blocks in the same night... just now thought about putting them together for a kind of "idea" of what the blocks will look like. I'll still do it again when I have the other 2 blocks finished so people will really *know* what it will look like.

I laid in bed this morning debating where I want to put a flannel sheet so I can practice layouts with blocks. Sad, huh? I should have been sleeping... but I wasn't. I was thinking about where to put my layout setup, since this house is way different (and much smaller) than the last house that I pieced quilt tops in.

This is my "scrap box". I have a rule that any scrap I keep has to be able to be cut into a 2 1/2 inch strip of some length. So far, everything has been in shades of yellows, golds, light browns, and other various "autumn" shades. So when I went to my parents' house to pick up my daughter tonight after class and saw this print on my mom's shelf (far left) and there was enough of it to be the 3 inch square center of the paper pieced log cabin blocks... yeah. I may have snatched the fabric and ran. Actually, Mom said I could use it... so no guilt! I'm going to trade her a hand dyed green cotton that I have that I was planning to use as this focal square, but lacked about a quarter yard for... she'll like that :) Oh, and a purple fabric. I am not a big fan of purple in large quantities.

These blocks have no time limit. I'll just do one whenever I feel like it, which is fine by me (and everybody else...)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Practice String Quilt Blocks

They are eye searingly cute, at least in my mind! I know quite a few people are going to HATE working on them because they are so LOUD, but they can "expand their horizons" and all that jazz.

12.5 inch paper pieced block based on this tutorial.

Because of the number of blocks I need for the quilt size I want, I will be piecing 4/month while people piece 1/month. After I piece the others for this month, I will post what they look like together. Maybe then people will get the "idea" of what it will look like when finished. I think it's totally awesome so far... but then again, I'm probably biased. LOL