Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stashing with a purpose - 10.07.10

So today my mom sends me an email titled "Hancocks?" This is our code phrase for "Can you drive me to Hancock Fabrics after work today so I can spend money on fabric, and you get at least a yard of something for putting up with me in the fabric store and giving me your honest opinion of whatever I put in my cart." Of course, y'all should know that unless it is a class night, the answer is usually "Sure!" :) I also got paid back a bit of money for a small loan that I gave out a couple months back (it was a micro-loan, not much of a loan, and I honestly didn't expect to get anything back at all so I never budgeted for it), so I hatched a plan.

Sarabande on the LSG "Quilters' Bee" (both of those links are Ravelry links) decided to do a "Spiderweb" quilt block as her block pattern. I've been rather obsessed with the idea since then, knowing I was going to end up picking fabric and queuing it up for sometime in the vague-ish future. So. I'd been spinning around in my head going "if I was given a choice... what would I choose?"

What's black, white, and red all over?

Why, my Spiderweb block choice!

I'll stop by Joann's on Saturday to see if I can find anymore black & white prints for the outside of the spiderweb blocks. The center color is that rich red, which is an "easily attainable" Kona cotton (which I will pick up more of this Saturday... they have 3 more full bolts of it).

Amysbabies on the same group has come up with another idea (and she even drew it up, made a template, etc!) that I'm going to borrow and distort... later. One thing at a time, grasshoppa... I already have two in progress, I need to finish piecing the blue/yellow one so I can get it off to the quilter (and be one step closer to getting it off my conscious).