Saturday, October 23, 2010

October Block - LSG Quilters' Bee

So I needed to make a block for the LSG quilters' bee. The first block that I was assigned was for FidgetKnits. She chose a monochromatic madness quilt block that measure 16 1/2 inches finished, with starting squares at 5 inches. Those are made into half square triangles. The colors she choose are scrappy yellows and a charcoal gray background fabric.

Gah it was such a pain in the butt. Why? For several reasons, actually. First, HSTs are notoriously unstable. They are sewn across the grain (these were constructed using this tutorial which is great, but I'm sorry, as soon as you cut them and press, they are across the grain and will warp at a moment's notice). They are constructed in lines of 4 and sewn together as such. Every block had to be individually trimmed every time it was sewn because of warping. If I have to do it again, I will soak the fabric in starch (not sizing, super heavy starch) in order to prevent as much warping as possible.

However, the quilt will most likely be very nice when she gets it done. One other thing... she sent 16 squares (she sent them as 6 1/2 inches, I had to cut each individual one down to 5 inches). Because she wanted 16 individual blocks in the 4x4 formation, that means that I had to do the tutorial 16 times. That means that there are in actuality 32 HST blocks made. I only pressed and used the first 16. The second batch of 16 (the repeats, if you will), are in a baggie and sent back with the block I sewed. She will mix and match the 16 left with the batches that others will send back.

So glad that one is over, and am 100% certain that I will NOT be sewing an entire quilt top using this technique. LOL

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